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BI Trends to look out for in 2017

Consolidation in BI

Tableau conference 2016 Roundup

BI Trends 2016 – mid-year roundup

Data challenges in BI and how to tackle them

Handling top 10 BI challenges using Tableau

How to build a high performing analytics team

The shifting future of self-service BI (Edited for the Huffpost)

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Saddahaq – The World’s First Social Journalism Platform

Millions of ‘unemployed engineers’: Whose fault is it?

The downfall of the Modern Education System: A brief perspective

So President Obama is FINALLY on Twitter, and this happened…

The truth of the “Land Acquisition Bill”

Can we change the way the world looks at India?

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Cambridge Technology Enterprises – Worked in 2015-16

4 ingredients to be a better business Leader

Applications – Trends and predictions

Data safety over Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud and Data Security

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INSOFE – Worked 2014-15

Cloud and Big Data: An Undeniable Synchrony!

Where is Big Data headed?

The need to take control of Big Data & Cloud!

The Simplest Story of Big Data.

The Art of Data Science – 1

The Art of Data Science – 2

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Security Planning for Your Cloud Journey!

Expansion of Telematics Beyond UBI!

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