My Poems

Broken mirror

It was a mirror in a green forest,

Green, peaceful, beautiful!

I walked to it, i looked around,

There was a sense of ownership, it just felt mine.
I looked again, scanned the greens,

So pleasent to my eyes & fresh!

I doubted myself if it was water,

A clear lake of stillness, i was wrong it was glass.
I gazed, for hours more hours ahead,

For a sign the clearness would show me!

It stayed still, no motion, frozen,

It was just eyes, my eyes glaring back at me.
I touched it, it shattered into shards,

What was i even thinking?

If there was love more than love that’s possible,

I never had it, it lost me, it was no big deal.
It was self proclaimed, never confirmed,

That it would turn into something!

Something i was desparate for & will always be,

I just wanted to be in the stories it would tell, guess i just wasn’t worth it.

Stronger, bigger, harder.

The heart is little, the size of my fist,
It has taken so many falls
I made it alone through all the haze & mist.

I’ve seen the rain,pleasant & strong,
Pretty things still come out,
Even from the coldest nights & the most mournful song.

I looked at circumstances eye to eye,
I fell on broken wings,
Somehow i found my way to fly.

& I rose up to be Stronger, bigger, harder.

Thinking of everyone…

When i try relaxing & lay my head on the pillow
I wish i could see mistletoe & the willow.
I see something, something pale & yellow…
the ceiling, its faded color dirty & mellow.

& it makes me wonder all the time,
whenever i hear the sound of the wind chime.
We all, all of us – share the exact similar story
it just that we sing our different song of glory.

We all are lost in our profound thoughts
some cry rivers & some suffer them droughts,
i then try closing my eyes real hard
but peace for me is no where on the card.

There has to be something, a song or a game
it has to be somewhere & rise to fame.
Cause that is the secret of happy hearts
after all life isn’t a bricky board of darts.

The breeze passes through my window again
the chime rings more, the songs of pain.
If all but one could really make a change
true as it is, the more it is strange.

If everyone would make a good life of their own
there would be so many smiles, no tears no moan…
& collectively those smiles would make the world so nice
We just have to try without even paying a price.


Hazel-barely visible,
i stare & i gaze
i m sure i would find my way out better through a maze.
It’s all around me, i m trapped
makes me look faded, grey … invisible.

Sitting in my room, on my bed
Utter silence all but the clock are dead.

I hear footsteps, a knock on my front door
a thrill, a rush of blood, i feel inside my core.

Should i be excited or be threatened
it’s just someone on the door, the world’s not coming to an end.

But what if it does, what if something goes wrong
even if it hurts, i m sure the pain won’t last long.

So i rush to see, when i hear footsteps
but the sound fades away & the feelings collapse.

I am alert even in my sleep
but something that screams from in too deep.

I hear the footsteps again & again
is it you walking to me, or me going insane.

If it’s you please stop scaring me
just call my name & let me see.

If it’s you just ring the bell
my life has already been enough of hell

The footsteps are fading away
i m sure next time they’ll have something to say.

I know you’ll be back & reappear behind the front-yard tree
you’ll come to me only you’ll choose to make a better entry.


Smoke, Smoke everywhere,
it whirls with the wind
It rises, disappears without leaving its tint.
Though i am sure, it never really goes away, it’ll destroy its tendency is not to spare.

They are young but naive,
they call me old school
Today to you i might look like a fool.
You’ll soon agree cause right now you’re high, when you notice the damage i was trying to save.

It’s quite astounding how they propagate
The smoke around doesn’t burn their eyes ???
they convince & comfort themselves with them fake lies !
In the end when truth prevails, they choke & suffocate.

I hate it when it rises & takes the shape of the air
It’s not my bother, none of my business
but the smoke touches me & i am a part of the mess.
i cant see it but i know it’s there, its presence, i can’t even deny not fair … not fair.


She was a little girl with her own little dreams,
people looked at her,staring into those huge honey colored eyes to get a glimpse of her heart,
They stuck their ears out to hear & judge her giggles,her screams !

Somehow she managed it all along,
She kept her heart in her hands, saving it from the cruel world that was all around,
& wrote what her heart sang-a melancholic song.

She was afraid, was vandalized, traumatized
Ran aloof all the time so that she didn’t have to face it all
Every pleasure she could have she gave up, sacrificed.

Today it’s her time & she celebrates
no one sings with her no one notices the gleam in her eyes
No one to stand by her & mark her happy dates.

But she is sure she’ll be fine like never before
She crosses her fingers & closes her eyes with her heart praying out loud.
But only audible to the deepest of her core.

She’s happy
She sings
Look the way she dances
the way she blings.
This was the day
i heard her say
I could hug her right now if i could.
Let her be happy forever, Touch wood !!!


Here i am
rebuilt & stronger than before
The world still
keeps looking up to me for more
Yesterday i was
only scared with reasons to mope
Today i m
a pile of dreams, desires & hope
I am a person
on the top of the world’s tallest wall
Harnessed but still
for the first time i am afraid to fall !!!

There for you.

There was a noise all around
i couldn’t even hear the sound of my own heart …
But today, today is different
I can feel the blood travelling through my veins
it travels towards you
i can hear & feel the music in the air
it seems it’s coming straight from you
i can feel the throb when i walk ahead
my feet will stop right in front of you.

I’ll be the silence when you need peace
I’ll be the strings when you need to sing
I’ll be the dreams when you need to sleep
I’ll be the faith when you lose hope
I’ll be the song when you need to dance
I’ll be the promise you’ll want to keep
I’ll be the smile when you feel to weep
I’ll love you forever & forever is less
I’ll be your light to walk your way
Don’t wanna wait another day
So let me please begin today.


I’ve been living off the edge,
crossing rivers, floods, & sometimes all dries up into droughts.
I’ve been living with changes,
watching trees burning down,while once they were sprouts.

I’ve seen life coming to me,
showing me how pleasant how meaningful it’s going to be.
I’ve heard it making promises,
telling me about the sound of laughter, the music of love, of glee.

But that will all be tomorrow,
there’s time, i am afraid i still have lot of present to live.
What am i even waiting for,
I’m not even sure what to expect for & what to give.

There’s noise all around, everywhere,
I’m the reason I’ve created the most of it for myself.
Is it wrong, unjustified ?
To make me happy, well i have no personal Santa or his elf.

Dunno how long, but i hope only sometime,
I’d try to be brave & won’t be scared of this loneliness anymore.
Holding my breath, counting my heartbeats,
I wait for my time, crawling slowly soon to knock on my door.

Still standing by myself
holding my own hand,
grabbing my own shoulders in support,
the waves wash off my feet in the sand.

I’ve a paintbrush in my hand,
I’m a girl with dew drops in her eyes,
My canvas has always been white,
I’ve been saving it from the dust that flies.

Nothingness still surrounds me,
My heart cries too often,
But i have no one to ask me why,
the rocks inside of me don’t soften.

I am courageous but weak,
What do i want, only myself a little bit new,
or a new person, of my own,
Who sits right there & talks to me … “paint darling i am watching you” !!!

Child of the dark…

I have been there in the dark
I have seen the black all around me
No rays, no hope not even a spark.

I have prayed for days & nights
For someone to dig me out of it
But no one ever – addressed my plight.

It was scary I was bewildered
I wept & kept walking in nothingness
I found the doors screwed up, soldered.

They connected me to more darkness
More black, more fear, more of nothing
I ran in circles catching only black mess.

I looked for voices but all I heard was my own
It bounced back on me giving me hope
But the truth was black & the black shone.

It has taken a great deal of time
To find my way out & be in the white
I paid in blood & tears not money no dime.

Why would you paint the light into black again?
Why would you push me back in the dark?
Why would you reconstruct the fear,the pain?

Please don’t, try to see, to understand
Every ripped piece of my heart screams, begs & pleads
Please don’t shove me into that lonely land.

If you can’t see shut your eyes away
If you hate to see me living breathing smiling again
but I belong to the dark – please that – just don’t say.


They laughed at my hair
She played with my braids

They picked on my clothes
She called me a princess

They asked me not to scream
She tickled me when i was quiet

They stalked on me everyday
She held my hand very tight

I was never & never will be
The same girl that i used to be
A cotton bud lying on a feather
That’s what i used to be to my mother.

Waving goodbye…

Hey me, i am leaving now
please don’t ask me when where & how ?
I’ll be moving with a whole new me
we’ll never meet again or ever see.

The time has come for me to leave
i can’t be me anymore it is a grieve
How the new me will be i don’t know!
but i can’t be you so please let me go.

Yes you are right you heard that crush
a footstep walked over my heart in a rush,
No it didn’t turn around to see what broke
I’ll pick up the pieces & put on my cloak.

It’s just necessary for us to be apart
no i won’t melt down i gave away my heart
It is in love or an illusion at least
let’s see how long till we end the feast.

I wouldn’t promise if i can come back
That’s why i leave you choking in a sack,
i have no explanation to give or seek
Hey me I’m leaving let’s never speak.


This is not home, how can this be ?
Though i turn all directions & collide walls,
Walls that exist but i don’t see.

You hurt me today, it’ll come back tomorrow,
Cause what goes around comes back around,
All the un-healing pain, the bitter words, all the tears, the sorrow.

There was a day i felt you were my own i misjudged you for family,
I was wrong i should’ve known, oh why didn’t i ?
The world is an exchange of means & nothing else let’s put this across simply.

Don’t think I’m quiet & i have nothing at all to say,
I have tonnes to shut your mouth, tonnes to prove,
But that’s not where i want to go, that’s not my filthy way.

For now i stay, no choice – but it won’t take very very long,
Till i am on my way to my own place,
Where i can do my thing, have my say & be loved all along.

I’ll forgive & forget
But will the pinch go,
Will i love you again
No i don’t think so.

I am on the road, still waiting to flow away all the love i have to give,
I’m breathing my lungs full but I’m still looking for a place to live.


Some days out of the wild & blue,
I knew there’ll come a day when i find you.
I knew this deep inside my heart,
When its you & i we’ll never be apart.
You’d smile & i would fall in love,
You’ll come in my life like a blessing from above.
Than you came across & even better it was,
I was so wonderfully caught in love claws.
You changed me, you changed everything,
You filled the darkness with all your bling.
There’s so much more we have to share,
I promise you all of my love & care.
I remember when i waited for you to come around,
I knew the sight of you’d leave me spell bound.
& suddenly i bumped into you so fast,
My wait’s over you are here at last.
I love you baby, I’m out of words in my mind,
You are so mine, you’re one of a kind.
You make me happy with all that you are,
Just a matter of time that you are far.
You float like a dream in the pool of bliss,
If you were here right now, I’d say it with a kiss.

You’re original…

Sometimes you feel hollow, like a wasted space,
Remember you are unique no one can replace.
There’s a spark in you, it’s just fear that you hold,
Let it burst with the power of a lightening bolt.
Something’s holding you back let it go,
Remember only after rain you see the rainbow.
You might feel small, like a loser a zero,
Know it’s time to save yourself,be your own hero.
You have saved who you are for ages like a desire,
Take the stones & strike them together to start the fire.
You might feel you are weak, blown away like paper thin,
That’s the right time to awaken the lion that sleeps within.
There’s a volcano inside that little heart ready to burst,
No one’s going to save you, in you place your trust.
People are dark shadows they’ll only block the light,
You have to rise,move over them & ignite.
It’s been long you held back & sat quietly,
No more following their words, no more agreeing politely.
Ask them to stop telling you, give yourself a break,
Unleash the tornado in you, make the earth shake.
Let yourself be heard, let the hollow in you echo with sound,
Keep your feet steady & straight hold on to your ground.
Enough of them telling you, you are nothing,you are dull,
Stare them in the face let them know you are one,an original.

Missing you…

I’ve been missing you.
Sometimes when the wind blows through my hair,
i want it to be you not just air.
Some times when i lay my head on my pillow,
i want to feel your strong shoulder below.

I’ve been missing you.
Cause you often tell me you’re not into me,
that i am not what i am trying to be.
You tell me I’m nothing but a mistake,
& I’ve been doubting myself too, off late.

I’ve been missing you.
I fell in love it hit so hard,
you stayed but didn’t ever play your part.
I could see you being so near, so close,
but you weren’t, my heart’s full of remorse.

I’ve been missing you.
Can we not start all over again?
Can we not let go of the hurt & the pain?
Can you try, to fall in love with me?
I’ll be whatever you want me to be.

I’ve been missing you, don’t leave me alone,
You’re ripping me off like flesh off the bone.
I’ve been missing you, i am sure you can try,
Would you let me suffer while the years pass by?
I’ve been missing you, don’t you miss me too…?
Please come back, I’ll do whatever you want me to do.


Every other day something wrong happens,
Every other day is not full of laughter
Because life is not perfect,
Sadness & happiness walk one after the other.
Then why do we? Magnify our grief…

Every other day tears make way,
Every other day we lose something we own
Because nothing stays forever,
Still with everything that’s lost we cry & moan.
Why do we? Magnify our grief…

Every other day we are not accepted
Every other day we might feel rejected
Because they scream doesn’t mean they hate,
Still we feel ignored, unwanted & neglected.
Why do we? Magnify our grief…

A heartbreak doesn’t actually break your heart,
Few days of separation won’t tear you apart.
The wind will soon turn around your leaf,
Take it easy, don’t magnify your grief.

People around us have seen worse than us,
We are mean we make our own a fuss.
Stand by one another, share the pain,
All the loss will turn into gain.
Choose to live in the happy days,
But don’t forget the one full of dismays.
Because every black thing can be pretty if you add some glitter.
Because you only distinguish sweet if you have tasted bitter

Don’t magnify your grief, it’s just a bad day not a bad life.

Stargazing #PoetryTrails

I look at stars as well,
Know that you are not alone while you gaze,
I look at them & try to unlock,
A meaning, a way out of the maze.

A maze that we fondly call life,
Stars are like grass, always greener on the other side,
Who knows they’d be gazing at us,
Dreaming of better, unknown of their own might.

We are fireballs just like the stars,
We contain all the heat, all the power,
But stars are just like us, unaware & idle,
Should we be extinguished with a little bit of shower?

All look together but are somehow far apart,
But despite the distance they easily talk to me,
Just last night they whispered right into my ears
Your star lays next to you darling …why don’t you see.

My happily ever after…

You & i have to be together forever,
there’s no me without you
You are the ray of sun that shines through the darkest of my nights,
Don’t lose heart it’s really okay to have those silly little fights.
You are that rain drop that washes the strewn ashes of time,
Feel the music in silence;
don’t judge it with the envious hues of lime.
So stay with me now, tomorrow, the day after that & later,
Cause baby you & i are together forever,
forever together you & me.
No matter how cold it is I’ll let you in,
there was no life devoid of you to begin.
When you hold I melt down & that is no lie,
I’m just like a feather on your wings set to fly.
I flow like a brook on your footprints ahead;
I follow you why don’t you see while you tread.
I walked on a trail full of blades,
you inspired to look up to the stunning sky changing shades.
So stay with me now, tomorrow, the day after that & later,
Cause baby you & i are together forever,
forever together you & me !

The Sun…

You are the sun, that peeps through the woods,
You are that eternal light that shines even with hoods.
Everything else is blinding, you are the truth in all the lies,
You are my mirror, you enlighten what the world defies.
My faith in you is like the earth has on the sky,
I know there might be dusk every now & then… But there’s always a promise of brightness, of dawn they’ll come over again & again without fail, everyday… No matter what.


Just when the mighty sun sank into the lap of the horizon,
It bled in the shades of red, orange & white.
But it didn’t really set, it set a voyage to light another world,
& was sure to rise somewhere else sparkly, fiery & bright.
If you ever feel its all going down into nothingness, then don’t,
Leave the less behind & strive hard for more.
Think of the setting sun that lights up a different place,
& know wen one closes god opens another door.

Dusk 2…

Just wen the first shadow of dusk falls into the sky
I close my eyes & pray hard to the time flying by.
I thank the day that has gone away,
That gives an opportunity to call tomorrow, today.
I thank the setting sun & the rising dark that i see,
Thank you for bringing my sweetheart a day closer to me.

A blossom’s hope

There’s a lot to be heard, lots stories go untold,
Every bud has a color to reveal, as the petals unfold.
Everything is immortal, just the way we see,
If it is unseen, it was never meant to be.
It floats like an emotion, on the surface right on top,
N drips like a tear out loud, drop after drop.
There’s nothing more that fascinates me more than a flower,
The frailest creature, yet so full of power.
Going back to the stories that were dumped unsaid,
An assembly of petals will say it all,to the living & the dead.
Its effect reaches beyond you & me can ever imagine,
Its sanity is amazing & washes off all the sin.
The next time i cry, please blindfold me,
Take me to a garden & let me see.
Where a little new unbosomed twig awaits the sun,
I’ll forget all my sorrows & smile to the fun.


What i want is right in front,
I see it but i can’t touch it yet.
I’ll leap over hurdle after hurdle,
Let’s find out how far i can get.
I walk on a self arranged route,
& at times i tend to lose control.
But i know gotta pick my self up,
& move on with my high spirited soul.
It seems so hard to reach there,
My toes have started to decay.
But i don’t have a choice do i ?
I have to get there come what may.
I’ve reached a marsh & people look,
I won’t back down or breath a sigh.
Nothing can stop me, No !
No rocks too big, no mountains too high
(There’s a way around every obstacle, go & find yours )


Spring oh spring !!!
I welcome you.
Spring oh spring !!!
Those drops of dew.
Spring oh spring !!!
I love your bloom.
Spring oh spring !!!
Through the window in my room.
Spring oh spring !!!
Winter takes it’s last breath.
Spring oh spring !!!
You bring the life after death.
Spring oh spring !!!
Hibiscus & daffodils.
Spring oh spring !!!
The breeze from the hills.
You make me see, you make me believe…
That between the harsh winter & the scorching summer,
Somewhere i will have time enough to enjoy the spring.
Like nature, like my life.


In one way or the other
We’ll all on the road.
Some of us walking & some just standing there.
Some motions fast some slow – perspectives, some narrow & some broad.
We all have our own means our own resources.
We depend & we use.
The thing that matters is how we pool them.
& with all we have we choose our courses.
It’s not bout what it looks like, it is not bout how it really is, all it is about is how we see it.
The way i see it, all are in a race ….
Some quick & some little lagging in pace.


We are never alone, life changes beyond control.
The shifts of nature & the shifts in my heart are contagious.
I stand there looking at myself, an image of me in every particle.
There are rainbows & crystals,
There are rivers & woods
There are clouds & fishes
& amongst all other unsaid things
We are, unseen, unnoticed living our own different story of spirituality.

Lessons from the forest…

I travel on dim lit road with the trail of trees,
Not moving with the storm, not effected by the breeze.
I’m a little like them, a little different by fate,
i run forward & they-in a direction alternate.
They’re stuck, i move,
They’re still, i groove.
However i look & i learn my lesson,
the trail is ancient but is still in fashion.
The trees are leafless, but are so proud
The roots make em robust deep in the ground.
No matter what comes it’ll just pass by,
I’ll be standing strong holding my head high.
& whoever said when autumn comes spring’s not far behind,
those words held in themselves a truth of some kind.

The one about him…

I always wrote the lines read by none
but no one knew
it was the day you came in to my life
& the words i wrote spread like the rays of Sun.
You were the prism, now my songs pass through you
the light split & broke
scattered into the space as far as i could see,
like the colors of the rainbow, vibgyor as we knew.
You’re not my dream, dreams fade away
You’re not the spark that comes off stones
You’re not just a reflection showing off
You’re not the smoke inside of the globe…
You are only the ray of the sun, that makes all the difference
Rest of the world to me doesn’t make any sense
I know where to go, what to see, what to choose & what to do
Cause i only knew myself, after i started knowing you.

We fell in love…

They were driving into the future on their little black beat
It was a sunny winter day,warm enough to feel the heat
A trail of trees was running beside, so were the thoughts in their minds
nervousness, love, doubt, care, uncertainties all of different kinds.
He wanted a moment to click something beautiful he saw
A line of bushes, some trees & a field the crop was raw.
So he politely asked her to pull over,
She obeyed with a smile very sober.
He stepped out she stayed in the car
cause she knew he wouldn’t be walking very far.
They both gazed at each other through the wind shield,
& an unsaid promise of togetherness between them was sealed.
He took his picture & looked assured with the blur
In his heart he knew that she loved him & he loved her

A drive home…

I drove home, happily singing out loud-the songs that i please.
I thought about mother & expected her pleasant grin when its me she sees.
I looked around & suddenly the aura changed,
What i saw wasn’t good, someone had to be framed.
The trees beneath yelped for they were almost dying
I stared at the sky no birds were flying
I realized what we had done, it was us responsible
To build our partitions we’re killing our home-it’s so simple
I stood there quietly,helpless only my heart was screaming ahoy
& the black leapt above for where it had more to destroy.


I wondered when i was young
how would it be to stand near the wall where the world came to an end.
How would it seem where the sky & land meet & mark the boundary of the earth.
I grew up & packed my bags, tied my shoelaces & went on my conquest,
Only to find out that the horizon was not the final destination…
It was rather a new beginning of another world … my world !!!
& i started walking again.

Modern us…

The irony of the world we live in
running faster than time – to modernize & upgrade
never satisfied with where we’ve been
creating, discovering then waiting it to fade
i could laugh but i refrain
can’t help a part of it i myself am
when it all ends we’ll still remain
All i want is memories not hoardings & bills
Let’s not kill everything, to later run for fossils !!!
Rise & flow all together to save time while we still have it.


please let’s agree
please let me be
please let me see
please SET ME FREE !!!

Dead Tree…

Far far away i see a trunk
leafless…. lifeless
it’s scary, its shape
like ghost without a drape
the rest of the place was lush & green
the dried up trunk only added to the gleam
it silently stood but was of no use
it’s presence drained all the other hues
still i stared at it without a scope
cause i still believe there’s lot more to hope !!!


Wading the darkness
avoiding the black
my heart goes wild
to fro & back
A never ending tunnel
i m lost but i see
the way’s unclear
bout who i can be
I want to look as i might
a candle’s flick …
a light lost in light !!!


They were neighbors, friends family…
They used the same road to travel every day…
They passed by each other regularly…
but none ever had anything to say…
But that day it wasn’t the same
a man got hit & went insane
but then he turned back … shook off the snow from his shoulder & smiled
the “snow” had brought them together again.


I waited for you, so long so long
life was nothing but a mournful song
i was breathing but not living
the truth itself is i was deceiving
Now you’re here
there’s no despair
I m alive with a meaning & that’s why i flaunt
i m gonna reach out feel u, touch you & love you all i want !!!

Undo the change…

Standing on the long lost road
i peep through the woods
i peep into the civilization
i ponder we did or have undone something
i peep through those woods & speak to the rain
let it all be undone again …


It’s there but not there
it exists but it doesn’t
still i would say it’s only fair
that rainbow oh rainbow
you remind me of the endless feelings
i have in my heart but i only reveal once in a while
like you break a single ray into a beautiful spectrum …
in my own own colors similarly, i cry i smile !!!

Eggs of a butterfly…

Life glides
it flows
it hatches n breaks
ends old things to start anew…
a puny bud to a musky rose
a caterpillar to a butterfly
n between all these wonders it leaves for us, moments
to be captured lived n remembered …. FOREVER.

A Cat…

As she beings to wipe her whiskery face
n rattle around to catch a mice
as adorable as she is,her heart is as cold as ice
yet she makes me want to be like her …
a carefree but not careless
a self satisfying mean cat.


Hatred, even before you could start to love me,
Rejection, even before you could accept me for who i am.
I’ve been the way i am today for a long long time,
No hopes, no dreams, nothing i could call mine.

Then you happened to me & i was hopeful again,
i thought you’d change the way i used to be.
I rushed into your arms when saw them open wide,
You didn’t embrace me & let me stay on the side.

I am scared & more lonely in your company,
I was the same when i was alone.
Only there was no one to hurt, to stab my heart,
Now you are here to play that part.

The truth is clear baby i know you know too,
You don’t love me, you do not care.
I am with you like a mere little dot,
I point a little but have no spot.

I pity myself, your harsh words still echo in the head,
they leave me lifeless, helpless & heartbroken.
I can feel the pain, the enormous hole in my chest,
The tears don’t let me calm down, sleep or rest.

Don’t ask me to laugh please, i just can’t pretend,
How did you have the courage to hurt my love?
Give me a reason to stand on my feet & celebrate,
But i know you don’t care, there’s no love no hate.

I dreamt of you holding me tight last night,
For a second i smiled & felt so good.
Then i feared the dream would end as i wake,
Please don’t say my love is nothing but fake.

I love you & you know that very well,
I’d take a bullet for you & give my life away for you.
I just want you to love me, tell me you do,
I am hopeless & i have given up too.

Is this how life will be, I’ll exist but i wont,
Will i be just a burden, a pain…a choke?
If this is all true i better off be dead,
Don’t tell me you don’t mean to hurt.. i remember what you said.


I’ll keep my love, won’t give it to you
cause you never give it back to me,
I’m risking every time i see you smile
but I’m human & love’s important you see.

To you i exist but i am invisible too
I circle & spin around you in your orbit,
but like a bitter splatter on your tongue
you keep me there don’t swallow don’t spit.

Blame me a million times i wouldn’t care
tell me i am wrong i really wont mind,
but i am alive & i breath just like you
maybe it’s your fault, please don’t be so blind.

Why is it so hard for you to see what i feel?
Why so complicated for you to understand?
I stand on it, that you constantly bruise
the feet of our love the most delicate strand.

While the sun travels i wait,
while the moon floats i wait,
the dawn breaks & i wait,
the dusk falls i still wait…
For a moment of my own, unasked & unforced…
I demand to be not left unsaid, unheard, unloved & untouched.

It’s gone

I think i am getting old,my skin shedding off like flakes of a withered leaf on the ground.

No one sees no one cares.

The ghost of the past knock on my door,

whispering the verses of failure & the wasted time.

I didn’t know & no one told.

I wasn’t blind, why could i not see,

did i not try enough to be what i wanted to be.

I look into the mirror & find cracks,

they’ll never heal the surface will never ever come back.

I feel my face it is warm & blue, they say it glows when you are young,

well i for one don’t believe that.

I wish i could make a better me, i wish there was someone to hold me when i fell.

I fell down too hard.

I lost my battle before it began, there were more regrets less gain, less smiles more pain.

I am lost in the cracks of earth, like no rain has fallen for over years.

Yearning for a drop, a drop is enough.

Dawn will return…

The break of dawn is beautiful
did you ever wonder?
The dusk is the promise that brings it,
equally full of beauty & splendor.
Goodbyes are sad & melancholic
but do you know?
The happiness of meeting again is precious,
you wouldn’t know if you don’t let go.
Let go of them, set them free
you can never own them with force,
Try force, choke them, tie them with strings,
you will only repent, only remorse.
Don’t lock them in, you’ll only hurt
let them flee happily out the doors,
They say when you love something let it go
if it comes back it’s truly yours.


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