About Me


I am Suman.

Welcome to my website. It’s not much but it’s enough to let you know about me.

Professionally I am a Technology Writer. My expertise revolves around but is not limited to Big data analytics, Business intelligence, IT infrastructure management, Network Security & IT staffing. Apart from technology I have also written for brands in the automobile, education, fashion, hospitality and event industries.

Personally, I write social blogs on marketing, social issues, gender equality and pretty much whatever comes to my head. I love reading and writing poetry too. I sometimes sing and break the occasional leg on the dance floor. Travelling is my major life mission and I am a crazy pop & hip hop music fangirl.

Explore through the various sections to fulfil the reasons you came here for. Read, indulge, start a conversation or hire me!

Connect with me on sumanmalekani@gmail.com



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